7 Piece. Precision Measuring Tool - Part no. NGJWMTC101SP

  • Model Number: JWMTC101SP
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They say a bad tradesman always blames his tools. But when it comes to measuring equipment, quality tools will absolutely impact the quality of your work. Having everything you need to measure a job properly will not only make it faster and easier, but will help to ensure a quality outcome. This brilliant kit has a selection of tools to measure a wide range of material. This kit is ideal for a professional workshop, race track tool kit, mobile mechanic, enthusiast garage, bodyshop, industrial specialist or mechanical engineer. This kit comes in a Jonnesway Model B tray to fit in any Jonnesway tool box. Contents include: Large Electronic Callipers Set Square Adjustable Dividers Stainless Steel Ruler 2x Micrometer Technical Pencil Details of each Specific Tool: Large Electronic Callipers Dimension - 150 to 0.01mm. Easy read LCD display with both Metic and SAE. Stainless Steel. Set Square Size - 300mm. Material - Short handle - Aluminium, Long Handle - Stainless Steel. Adjustable Dividers Size - 150mm. Material - Carbon Steel with polished finish. Easy to adjust. Stainless Steel Ruler Size - 300mm. Material - Stainless Steel polished finish with Acid- Etched scale markings. Micrometers Size - 0-25mm and 25-50mm. Easy adjustments and easy to read. Technical Pencil Lead Size - 2mm. Tungsten Lead.

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